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I read somewhere that an 18 month old's favorite food is McDonald's french fries. Makes sense to me. Easily accessible, cheap, salty, tasty, perfect size for little fingers, and easy to dislodge if need be. That information may not be fact, it could be just someone's guess for all I know so take it with a grain of salt. Now the girls are far from 18 months and I watched them like a hawk seeing as how they don't have any teeth yet, but I figured why should they be any different? Don't judge me, you know you've given your kids crap before. :) So here they are, tasting solid food for the first time. McDonald's french fries. They LOVED them. Mostly, they just sucked them until there was a big mushy mess of potatoes which was tons of fun to clean up. But all in all, a good experience on both ends. Yeah, Keira really got into the "smooshing" part.


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