Chomp chomp

We're at the stage of putting everything in our mouths. I have to be really careful. Keira is my baby vaccuum cleaner. Anything found on the floor is fair game. Today she decided that her new chew toy was the basket the toys were in. I guess we all need a little fiber, eh? :)

Afterwards, she found Colton's sippy cup and proceeded to drink out of it. It was actually kinda cute because I've never offered her that type. We use the straw sippy for the girls. She picked it up, turned it around, and started drinking. I had to snap some pictures and giggle about it for a while. Then my Mommy brain turned off and I realized I should check to see what's in the sippy. LOL Well, I guess a little chocolate milk won't kill her, right? No wonder she was going to town.....I'd been holding out on her!

Where in the world does she get that tongue?? Carly's the same way. Neither Scott nor I have that ability. We must be related to Gene Simmons or something.


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