We love the wubanub

Colton didn't like the pacifier. He quickly learned there was nothing coming out of that thing and wouldn't stand for it. We're a bit baffled that the girls have really taken to the wubanub. We gave them their pacifiers at night and when we were out and about. But that was it. Until just recently. They started going in their room and taking the wubanub out of the cribs. It's not uncommon to see them just sitting around with a stuffed animal hanging out of their mouth. They have become so important that I had to buy an extra one just in case one was lost. And when one is lost, there is no such thing as a nap. Not a good time in this household. Naps are a must!!


Where is my maid?

The child missing from the picture is the one responsible. He flew into his bedroom when I saw the mess. I don't think he wants to live until he's 3.


There's only one....that means a meltdown

My husband seems to think it's funny to give the girls one toy and watch them fight it out. He's so mean. However, this picture is of the girls fighting over a Mickey Mouse bracelet that my mom left. I don't have two of them or they'd each have one. I didn't purposefully give it to them, in fact, it was hidden. As you can see, they found it and they both wanted it. Carly won today.


My little monkeys jumping on the bed

Was it ten little monkeys or ten little indians jumping on the bed? I can't remember. Well, for this post, it's gonna be just three little monkeys. :)

Now these last two pictures are of very poor quality. But that's because I basically took them in the dark. I heard some commotion in the girls' room and from the hall, I could see Colton inside Carly's crib. I grabbed my camera and got him in action. JUMPING in the crib!! If he breaks that crib, I'm gonna break his butt! LOL


Uh....get out!!

OMG, get out, Mommy! I'm trying to potty!

Hahahaa! Aren't I mean? My big little man going potty all by himself. I realized I didn't have any pictures of him potty training so I thought I'd grab one in action. I threw open the door and started clicking. I scared him the first time, but after that he would immediately stand up and say "Out, Mommy!" and point at the door. Hehee.

I guess he felt that if I was gonna take pictures, he'd rather his face didn't show. Perhaps he felt it necessary in case he decides to have a career in politics. LOL


I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream!

We drove through Dairy Queen today after dinner. Yummy! The girls have never had ice cream before and I thought it was time to introduce them to one of life's simple pleasures. We bought them baby cones and drove like maniacs trying to make it home before they melted. I had to keep licking them so they wouldn't drip on me. The poor girls could do nothing but sit there in their car seats and watch me eat their desserts. LOL

When we got home and stripped them naked, oh it was a sight to be seen. They knew exactly what to do with those cones. However, they were not prepared for it be cold. Hahaha. Both of them gave a bit of a shiver/sour face and then dug right back in.

Yeah, it was messy. But it was worth it. They thoroughly enjoyed their ice cream cones. :)

Here's Carly chowing down.

And Keira going to town.

Daddy didn't want to do it because of the mess it would make. Boo on him. I'm glad I won that fight. Yeah, mommy's fun. You remember that little girls.


Just like his Daddy

Naptime at the Bingham household. This child went to bed with underwear on. I swear. I guess he was just more comfortable going commando. It must be in the genes.


Boudoir a la Mandi

My friend, Mandi, came over for a boudoir shoot today. Woohoo, did we have fun! She let me play and play with outfit changes, positions, lighting, backdrops, facial expressions, props, etc. etc. I was so excited!

All I can say is this girl is gorgeous! What a hottie! She plays that cute little nurse part well, but tell her to get sexy and WATCH OUT! I had so many pictures to choose from that it was hard to narrow down my edits. We played dress up for almost 3 hours. Hehehe. Mandi, you are stunning and I kinda hate you for it. :)



Today was the Mills Family reunion. So I thought it fitting to put up some pictures of family. This is Scott's sister, Angie and her family.



Boy, this pose must run in the family. I've seen this shot way too many times from Colton. This is Aidan's version. :)

Mamaw Bingham and Carly.
Papaw Bingham

And this is my family. As you can see, I'm missing one rugrat. He is completely and utterly against having his picture taken for any reason. Hence, he is not in the picture.
Although, I snagged a few of them when he wasn't attention. He's not smiling and he's often being rotten, but they're still of him so I love them. Here he is chewing on his shirt. Don't ask me why he does that cuz I don't know. Teething?


Sittin' at the dock of the bay

Ok, not really. But we are sitting outside while Mommy gets the clothes off the line. :) We're getting ready to take a trip to Kentucky. Or.....Papatucky as Colton calls it. Hehee.


Huh...what? Are you talkin' to me?

I didn't do it. You didn't see anything. It wasn't me. Ask anybody.

What you can't really see is what is in her hand. The card I told her to put back, leave alone, stop playing with, etc. etc. at least 15 times. This is her "I'm guilty but I'm super cute so how could you be mad at me" look.


Bribery isn't a bad thing

Since Scott has picked up the camera, the kids are becoming quite annoyed with our incessant need to photograph every move they make. Colton has started covering his face or running out of the room. Poor guy.

I have resorted to bribing him in order to get a shot or two. He'll want something (anything, I don't care) and I'll reply with "Can Mommy take your picture first?" Man, I am flying through the room to grab my camera when he says yes.

This was one of those days. I think he wanted fruit chews. I didn't get a chance to mess with camera settings because I didn't want him to change his mind. LOL I fixed him up with fruit chews after I took his picture. Look at that sweet smile. :)


Young's Dairy

We went to Young's Dairy with the kids. They have a petting zoo and a bunch of other fun stuff. But if we're being perfectly honest here, we were just there for the ice cream. Hehee. :)
Colton's eyes popped out when he saw the goats. We walked up and immediately he pet them. No hesitation on his part. On the goat's part....well. He had to check Colton out.

Colton giggled and thought it was cool!

The goat sniffed him and then the sippy cup.

In the end, the goat just wanted to chew on the stroller.


New stuff

At the park with the girls. I sat them down on a blanket. They were intrigued by all the surroundings and the kids, but the boundary of the blanket was as far as they wanted to go at first. You know, uncharted territory can be scary. :)

And they're off....slow start. They just weren't too sure about that grass! :)

Carly took off without a hitch. She crawled like there was no tomorrow. Nothing stopping her. Except to rest and watch the other little kids playing.

Keira decided she'd rather play it safe and stand next to the stroller.

'Til next time.....off we go!


BIG pictures

I just love big pictures! I wanted to redecorate the walls in my living room and what better subjects than my little ones? I found some great frames and chose some of my favorite pictures and blew them up to 16x20's. I had them matted with 2mm styrene and WOW! They look fantastic! It's hard to see exactly what I'm talking about, but you get a glimpse of my couch underneathe the pictures. They are just stunning and I love them!

After we hung them, I asked Colton who was in the pictures. Here is our conversation (from left to right):

Me: "Who is that?"

Colton: "Carly"

Me: "Who is that?"

Colton: "You"

Me: "Who is that?"

Colton: "The other Carly"

Hahaa! I love the way he thinks. :)



Took the kids to the park yesterday. Daddy practiced on the ducks, Mommy played with the babies.


The zoo

We went to the zoo today and wow, what an adventure. It was so stinkin' hot! I thought for sure my shoes were going to melt into the pavement. Ugh!

At the petting area of the zoo. He could have cared less about the goats.

Colton was not really impressed with the large animals behind glass or in the "pens", although he was fascinated with the penguins.

And the fish. Oh my goodness, did he love the fish. He would have played in the aquarium for hours. He kept running up and down the viewing aisle saying "Shark! Shark!" Word World comes in handy, I guess. :)

He also found Dori from Finding Nemo. He was very excited about that discovery! We had a little meltdown when it was time to leave. Poor thing! I guess we'll have to make a special trip to the Newport Aquarium before summer is over.

They had a merry-go-round which the kids wanted to ride so we took a break. Colton has been on a merry-go-round before so of course, I thought nothing of it. I stood beside him when it started and he was nothing but smiles. For like a minute.
Then it was nothing but heartbreak. :(
I comforted him while we waited for everyone else to ride again. I think it was nap time.
Yes, the girls came along and they were bored!!! They fought for sippy cups, wubanubs, food, etc. It was so hot, even their little dresses didn't keep them cool. Through it all, they were troopers, though.

All in all, it was good day. Just exhausting.