For my mom

I hate how this site makes everything look awful. This picture looks fantastic before I resized it for web viewing. Mommy's little tinkerbells.


Pumpkin patch 2009

We didn't go to the pumpkin patch last year because I'm married to the biggest nay-sayer, boohoo-er fuddy duddy in all of Ohio and Indiana combined. It was just too much work and they were too young to even enjoy it. Doesn't it know that half the stuff we do is for US, not them? LOL
Well, I got my way this year. The girls had a blast with the pumpkins and the hay bales. So much that I had a hard time getting them to sit still or look at me. Yeah, you're right honey....they're too young to enjoy it.
And Colton? Well, he is his father's son. Absolutely thrilled. Boy, am I in trouble when he hits his teens. Hey Colton....don't smile or anything.


6 month old Kaitlyn

Another little redhead! I couldn't have asked for a better baby. Miss Kaitlyn cooed and babbled, smiled and giggled, played with all the props (even the backdrops!) and modeled for me for almost 3 hours. Keep in mind, it took three hours because we had 5 kiddos running amuck while one adult took pictures, one adult supervised the baby, and one adult who decided it was a good time to start hanging things on the wall. You take a guess which adult had mass quantities of testosterone. :)

Regardless, that testosterone ridden male set up my studio lights and it's fabulous. Thanks sweetie.

And Miss Kaitlyn, I love your smile. And your baby boudoir pictures. Hehee.


Whatta booger!

Apparently, picking your nose is the next best thing to picking on your sister.


3 month baby boy

Mr. A is 3 months old and the cutest little redheaded boy you've ever met. And a temper to match! He's got a great smile and an adorable coo, but you gotta be quick or you'll miss it! LOL Check out Mr. Man. I wish I woulda captured a picture of his freakin' awesome pout. It's like no other and I love it!!


Did you know that Buzz Lightyear lives in my camera?

He does? Where??
Do you see him?? He's right in there! Look!
Is he right THERE?
Hey, there's something fishy about this story. I don't see Buzz Lightyear.


Good vs. Evil

Thanks Lorie! :)


It's raining outside....blah

And we're bored. Poor things just stand at the sliding glass door watching it rain. Pitiful.


Family of 4

I am very honored to say that one of my good friends asked me to take her family portraits. You may recognize her because she was gracious enough to allow me to practice on her for maternity, newborn, and boudoir. What a great friend!

She picked a perfect day for pictures. It was cloudy with a bit of sun peeking out, the weather was brisk but still manageable without a jacket. The leaves were changing colors and not yet on the ground. We seriously could not have asked for a better day.

We enjoyed our time in the arboretum. Much of which was spent with me saying "Look at me, sweetie." Hehee. It all turned out and I'm very pleased with the results. Although, I hate the way blogspot tones every thing down. And blue. Blah. It's much more vibrant than what is shown here.

Anyway, thanks again Lorie for your trust in me. I hope you love the pictures.


Oh, how I love newborns

The baby powder smell. The baby bird cry. The uncoordinated wriggle. The squishy butt. The wrinkled body with the pooched belly. The warmth against your body when you hold them. Ahh....babies make me feel all warm and fussy. And it's a shame for my husband because you know I'm gonna be buggin' him for another baby soon. LOL

Mr. C came to visit me and once he got naked, he was wide awake. And hungry. Even though he had just eaten, this little man was not in the mood to wait! You'd think mommy was starving him. Hehee. So, after two feeds, a warming pad, and some white noise.....Mr. C went off to la-la land. And I went to work. All was well until he peed on himself. And well, the rest is history. :)

I was able to capture some great shots of him during his nap. I hope his parents like them.


Blank stares

I'm on my way out the door for work and the girls just got up from a nap. Oddly enough, we all have same expression on our faces. Hehee.