Adorable baby girl

Miss P is simply a doll. With a smile that could light up the heart of Ebenezer Scrooge himself. :) I'm telling you....taking pictures of babies could be a hazard to my uterus. Hehee.


Hubby can work it, too

Yep, it was my turn. I made a promise to Lorie that if she did it....then I would, too. I'm still in the process of editing my pictures (and boy is that hard to do when it's YOU!), but here's a sneak peek for my hubby. You did a great job, honey. :)


Santa, Baby!

She's got a thing for Santa and she can't wait 'til he hurries down the chimney! Here's part 2 of her boudoir session. I love 'em! A little naughty...a little nice. :)


For Jennifer K.

I'm updating my blog, Jennifer. Are you happy now? LOL


Family of 8

When you've got 8 people that you want to look at you at the same time, smile, and be pretty....it can get pretty hairy. Unless, of course Winnie the Pooh lives in your camera. :) Miss Lilly was very easy to convince the Pooh and Piglet were in my lens. She kept saying "I see them!" Hehee. Very cute.

The big boy on the far right in the last picture (yep....Dad!) was the one who wasn't cooperative and was looking away in a large majority of the pictures. Phle! Whodathunk, right? :) I'm just glad I caught him looking in a few of them.

I hope you like them, MaryAnn.