Self portrait

So I needed a self portrait to put on my web site (coming soon!). Sure, I could take the camera and hold it up and say "cheese" like anyone else, but I wanted something a bit more artistic. How hard can it be, right? Yowsa!! How frustrating. This is blurry or I'm blinking or where did that third chin come from? It won't be a feat I attempt again any time soon. My husband was kind enough to take this picture for me. I had to set up the shot, get my camera settings correct, take a picture of him, and then switch places with him. It only took 193 shots to get this one. Oy vey!


Wanna bite?

While Colton is still struggling with the "sharing" thing, my girls are quite giving. Carly likes to share anything she's eating. She especially likes to give her version of kisses while she's eating. There's nothing better than gooey, crumb covered, slobbery wet kisses. You kinda get used to eating/tasting soggy crackers. Small price to pay, if you ask me.


More teeth

FINALLY!! After another sleepless night, Keira's top two teeth have finally popped through. She wasn't fussy, just awake. I guess that's one good thing. Although, 90 minutes of INTERRUPTED sleep in 48 hours is just never good on anyone. Of course, she slept in 'til 10:30am. I wonder why.



Pathetic, isn't it? This is Colton's fake cry. He scrunches up his eyes, opens his mouth, and puckers his bottom lip. It looks nothing like his real cry so I'm not sure who he thinks he's fooling. He does it when he wants something he's not allowed to have or if he wants attention or if he thinks he's gonna get in trouble for something he knew he shouldn't have done. Needless to say, I see this face a lot. :)


Thou shalt not covet thy neighbor

I try, but it's really hard. My neighbor has these pretty vine flowers on their deck. I have no idea what they are so I just look at them when I'm outside and sigh. I would love some of these, but I never see my neighbor and oddly enough, I don't talk to him either. I guess I'll just have to enjoy them from afar. Unless any of you know what they are and want to enlighten me. :)


Update on my garden

Holy cow, right? I know! We're gonna be havin' some cucumbers and radishes here very soon!

P.S. Just a comment for today's events. Whoa! RIP Michael and Farrah. What a sad day.


A little thank you for my husband

A few years ago, my husband and I got the bright idea to put in a retaining wall. Having no experience didn't stop us. We had money to spend and time to kill. Unfortunately, it takes a bit more than a willingness to make your home pretty to take on such a task. You have to promise not to intentionally maim each other because one person's idea is not the same as the other person's idea. Eight hours after beginning our adventure in 90 degree weather, we had two grumpy people and a stack of bricks in our front yard. And that's exactly how it stayed for 5 years.

Scott decided on his vacation (yes, I know...who does crap like that on vacation??) that he was going to redo the retaining wall correctly. I moaned, I whined, I complained because I was left in the house with three fussy kids that watched him from the window for the entire week. Ugh! I thought for sure he had no idea what he was doing and I rolled my eyes pretty much any time he asked my opinion. I have my days. :)

I have been pleasantly surprised by my husband's ability to do things he's never done before and actually do a good job. I need to have more faith in him. He's actually pretty darn handy around the house. He even bought some flowers and a Japanese Maple tree to spruce things up. Don't ask about the first batch of flowers. Uh hum......dead.

BTW, isn't that one honkin' hosta?? That thing has been split several times and it's taking over the landscaping again!

Anyway, thanks sweetie. You did a great job and I'm very proud of you. :)


Two little boys photo shoot

Today I had the pleasure of taking pictures of two cute little boys: Brighton and Weston. I apologize in advance if I'm spelling their names wrong. :) Brighton is 2 1/2 years old and probably the most well behaved little boy I've met in a long time. He made Colton look like a monster-child. And Weston, well this little 6 week old had so much head control and legs like frogs that we had a hard time keeping him in the basket. Despite the choas, I hope they had a great time. I know I did.


Hangin' out at the pool

The weather here has been phenomenal and I took advantage of it today. Blew up the baby pool, tossed some cool water in it, wriggled on some bikinis, and plopped my baby girls in the pool. Splash!! It cooled us all down and I got some cute pictures of my little ladies having some fun in the sun.

And here's my favorite shot of the day. My baby Carly in all her glory. Beautiful rolls topped off with a wedgie.

Disclaimer: The Michelon Man look is only appealing on a baby. Yes, you can wear a bikini and go out in public. And yes, people will stare, but not for the reason you want them to. Once you're passed the stage of infancy or even toddler, don't try this at home.


Speedy Gonzalez

There's a reason why I don't get many shots of Mr. Colton. When everyone else is relatively stationary, he's flying around the house. I wish I had half of his energy. P.S. Isn't that nice of Scott to be cleaning? LOL Happy Father's Day, sweetie. :)


Umm...excuse me? I'm trying to take a bath here....

I can't even begin to tell you how much fun it is to have twin girls. I think up pictures and then make them do it. LOL Most times, they are willing participants. Overly willing.....with water everywhere. Hey, it had to be authentic. :)


Introducing Baby Chelsie

My last photo shoot of the week and whew, did she make me work for it! LOL Her poor Mommy and Grandma had to hang around my hot (80 degrees F!) house for over 3 hours. Why? Because little miss didn't want to sleep. She ate twice and then sucked on her pacifier while she watched what we were up to. Hahaa. Apparently, it was more interesting than sleep and she didn't wanna miss a thing. :) Here are a few of my favorites. Mom was willing to let me try just about anything. It was very nice, especially with such a sweet baby girl. Oh, and woohoo!! I finally got a picture of a baby in a helmet! And, she didn't poop in it! Hahhaahaa!


Just thrilled

How's that for excitement? Times three!! LOL


Little Miss Kenzie

This little girl has some of the most beautiful blue eyes I've ever seen. They just glisten in the sun. So gorgeous and absolutely perfect! She has the cutest little squinty smile, too. :) This was my first photo shoot with a baby older than 2 weeks and less than 6 months. It was definitely more difficult than a newborn so I'm going to have to put some more thought into how to position a baby that can't sit, yet. I've got the beanbag, but I felt very limited. We tried the bumbo, but she wasn't havin' it. And tummy time? Yeah, well....the pictures show that result. LOL If you have any suggestions, let me know.

Yes, we tuckered her out. I'm sure she slept very well for Mommy after they left.


Introducing Baby Lucy

Just a few of my favorites from my photo shoot with baby Lucy. She's fresh out of the oven and was oh so sweet. This shoot was another referral from Mandi and she joined in on the fun for the third time. I'm beginning to think someone has baby fever. :) Oh, you'd make beautiful babies, Mandi!!