Searching for locations

I spent most of the afternoon driving in the rain with my friend, Jen. We were going to look for "photo op" locations so that I can have more options for my upcoming shoots. We were struck with disaster after disaster.

Colton decided to lay down for his nap an hour before she came and today was a LONG nap day. After waiting another hour, I woke him up. Mistake. He was a grumpy butt. As soon as I got him dressed, Scott walked in the door. Ugh! Had I known that he would be home that early, I would have just let him sleep. Shortly after leaving, the beautiful blue skies turned a pissy-ass grey and rain came pouring down so hard that even having the windshield wipers on high did nothing to help me see.

We eventually made it to our destination (of course, it was still raining and I wasn't about to get the girls out of the van). From all the hype we had heard, it was a huge disappointment. So, we went searching for different parks. Blah. I've seen better flowers and scenery in the neighbor's landscaping. We wasted almost 3 hours. Still no new locations.

Back home, the skies were still grey but the rain had stopped. I resorted to taking pictures of the kids in my own backyard. I guess that'll just have to do for now.

Where do you like to take pictures? I need some different scenery!


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