A little thank you for my husband

A few years ago, my husband and I got the bright idea to put in a retaining wall. Having no experience didn't stop us. We had money to spend and time to kill. Unfortunately, it takes a bit more than a willingness to make your home pretty to take on such a task. You have to promise not to intentionally maim each other because one person's idea is not the same as the other person's idea. Eight hours after beginning our adventure in 90 degree weather, we had two grumpy people and a stack of bricks in our front yard. And that's exactly how it stayed for 5 years.

Scott decided on his vacation (yes, I know...who does crap like that on vacation??) that he was going to redo the retaining wall correctly. I moaned, I whined, I complained because I was left in the house with three fussy kids that watched him from the window for the entire week. Ugh! I thought for sure he had no idea what he was doing and I rolled my eyes pretty much any time he asked my opinion. I have my days. :)

I have been pleasantly surprised by my husband's ability to do things he's never done before and actually do a good job. I need to have more faith in him. He's actually pretty darn handy around the house. He even bought some flowers and a Japanese Maple tree to spruce things up. Don't ask about the first batch of flowers. Uh hum......dead.

BTW, isn't that one honkin' hosta?? That thing has been split several times and it's taking over the landscaping again!

Anyway, thanks sweetie. You did a great job and I'm very proud of you. :)


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