Introducing Baby Chelsie

My last photo shoot of the week and whew, did she make me work for it! LOL Her poor Mommy and Grandma had to hang around my hot (80 degrees F!) house for over 3 hours. Why? Because little miss didn't want to sleep. She ate twice and then sucked on her pacifier while she watched what we were up to. Hahaa. Apparently, it was more interesting than sleep and she didn't wanna miss a thing. :) Here are a few of my favorites. Mom was willing to let me try just about anything. It was very nice, especially with such a sweet baby girl. Oh, and woohoo!! I finally got a picture of a baby in a helmet! And, she didn't poop in it! Hahhaahaa!


Beth said...

Lynne, you are turning into an AMAZING photographer! I love coming here to see your latest work. The tea cup pic is perfect! Do you ever get up near the MI/OH border? I'd love for you to photograph Leo and Karas sometime.

bebedoc said...

Aww, thanks Beth! It makes me feel good when someone likes my work and actually tells me. :) We don't ever take trips up north, but we might just have to make plans for a getaway or something. I'd love to photograph Leo and Karas, I'd feel so honored!

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