Charles is NOT in charge

I had a photo shoot with my friend Nicole, her daughter and step-daughter. The pictures are her husband's Father's Day present. Lily is 1 1/2 years old and probably just as wild as Colton. Getting her to look at the camera and smile was a huge challenge. She was definitely not interested in getting her picture taken! We tried occupying her with french fries, but that only resulted in pictures of a little girl with a mouthful of fries. :) Mommy eventually got in the picture with her and things went a bit better. We decided to go for a ride and look for an outdoor spot. It really helped that she was playing and not worrying about me. However, a fair amount of time was spent with her back to me. LOL She was definitely in charge of the shoot! Thankfully, April was very cooperative. Gorgeous little thing. I hate her just a little bit. Hehee.


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