Seriously, two year olds kick my butt

They have so much energy and a mind of their own. And it terrifies me that I've got TWO heading into the "terrible twos" range. Honestly, Mr. I was a doll, it just took some time to warm up to me. However, that "warming up" period included Lightning McQueen, matchbox cars, a slide, a 4x4 power jeep, and a little boy that was having too much fun to look at me. It's a good thing he's cute on the move, huh? :)


Baby, it's cold outside

B and W visited me about 6 months ago when I was portfolio building so they may look familiar to you. They are both on my website, handsome little devils. This was supposed to be a family shoot but their daddy's plane was delayed. :( We didn't want to miss out on the snow so we went for a little walk. Unfortunately, it was freezing cold, windy, and the snow stopped on us. Go figure. They were little troopers, though. They'll be back for their family portraits the first week of January so you'll see them again soon. I promised B that I'd have the heat on for him. :) Maybe then I'll get a smile. *wink*


Colton in the snow

He is rotten, I tell ya! He's been dying to go out in the snow so I finally got up the courage to take him out in the freezing cold. Ok, ok, I'll admit it....I finally bought him a winter coat. There...ya happy? Since gloves and a hat are a Christmas present, I had to improvise with my gloves and a newborn hat. Pathetic, isn't it? LOL

Anyway, I thought I'd snag a few pictures and practice shooting in the snow. Of course, he wouldn't look at me. I don't know why I thought that would change since we were outside. So, I tossed a small snowball at him. The little booger turned around and hurled a big chunk of snow right at me and my camera. My eyes became the size of softballs. The camera is fine and I'm no worse for the wear. However, after that....there was nothing else he wanted to do. I got a shot of him looking at me and then I took my tail back inside. I sat at the sliding glass door watching him throw snowballs at me....antagonizing him with silly faces because that's what fun moms do. :) I was able to get this fun shot before he managed to destroy my camera.



And it's almost disgusting. Okay, you're right....it is TOTALLY disgusting for someone to be this perfect. LOL She's gorgeous, funny, sweet, and humble. And so much fun to be around. She made my job very easy. I definitely wanna be her when I grow up. Hehee.


Stunning, classic beauty

Wow! That's all I can say about this girl. She is simply gorgeous and a complete natural in front of the camera. Beautiful.


Santa, Baby! Boudoir

So, in case you haven' t noticed, I'm not keeping up with my 365 photo blog very well. I'm sorry. I have been so busy and something had to give. It was either the blog or me. :) Here's a preview of one thing that has started taking up so much of my time. Boudoir parties. Whoa! These are fun!! And rowdy!! It's amazing how much fun women have when they get together and get half naked. Hehee! I truly can't wait until my next boudoir party.


More of a blank stare Christmas

There's something about my kids that make them give me a blank stare when I'm trying to get a picture of them. I swear they smile all the time, laugh constantly. Until I bring out the camera. Then it's just the "hurry up and get this over with" look. Maybe next year? At least I got them to look at me!


Adorable baby girl

Miss P is simply a doll. With a smile that could light up the heart of Ebenezer Scrooge himself. :) I'm telling you....taking pictures of babies could be a hazard to my uterus. Hehee.


Hubby can work it, too

Yep, it was my turn. I made a promise to Lorie that if she did it....then I would, too. I'm still in the process of editing my pictures (and boy is that hard to do when it's YOU!), but here's a sneak peek for my hubby. You did a great job, honey. :)


Santa, Baby!

She's got a thing for Santa and she can't wait 'til he hurries down the chimney! Here's part 2 of her boudoir session. I love 'em! A little naughty...a little nice. :)


For Jennifer K.

I'm updating my blog, Jennifer. Are you happy now? LOL


Family of 8

When you've got 8 people that you want to look at you at the same time, smile, and be pretty....it can get pretty hairy. Unless, of course Winnie the Pooh lives in your camera. :) Miss Lilly was very easy to convince the Pooh and Piglet were in my lens. She kept saying "I see them!" Hehee. Very cute.

The big boy on the far right in the last picture (yep....Dad!) was the one who wasn't cooperative and was looking away in a large majority of the pictures. Phle! Whodathunk, right? :) I'm just glad I caught him looking in a few of them.

I hope you like them, MaryAnn.


For my mom

I hate how this site makes everything look awful. This picture looks fantastic before I resized it for web viewing. Mommy's little tinkerbells.


Pumpkin patch 2009

We didn't go to the pumpkin patch last year because I'm married to the biggest nay-sayer, boohoo-er fuddy duddy in all of Ohio and Indiana combined. It was just too much work and they were too young to even enjoy it. Doesn't it know that half the stuff we do is for US, not them? LOL
Well, I got my way this year. The girls had a blast with the pumpkins and the hay bales. So much that I had a hard time getting them to sit still or look at me. Yeah, you're right honey....they're too young to enjoy it.
And Colton? Well, he is his father's son. Absolutely thrilled. Boy, am I in trouble when he hits his teens. Hey Colton....don't smile or anything.


6 month old Kaitlyn

Another little redhead! I couldn't have asked for a better baby. Miss Kaitlyn cooed and babbled, smiled and giggled, played with all the props (even the backdrops!) and modeled for me for almost 3 hours. Keep in mind, it took three hours because we had 5 kiddos running amuck while one adult took pictures, one adult supervised the baby, and one adult who decided it was a good time to start hanging things on the wall. You take a guess which adult had mass quantities of testosterone. :)

Regardless, that testosterone ridden male set up my studio lights and it's fabulous. Thanks sweetie.

And Miss Kaitlyn, I love your smile. And your baby boudoir pictures. Hehee.