Playing around


Cross-dresser or normal 2 year old behavior?

I'm thinking it's a bit of jealousy because the girls have so many things to wear (clothes, shoes, hair bows, etc.) Either that or he has no idea that the clothes and shoes he's putting on are actually girl's accessories. :) These little shoes are from Keira and Carly's Build-a-bear. I can't believe he walked around in them. They had to be uncomfortable, but he didn't seem to notice.

Silly boy.


Team player

My husband has taken up the camera. For the next few weeks, you're likely to see pictures he has taken as opposed to me. He's learning focus and exposure (something very difficult to do with small children in a dark house!) If you have any constructive criticism for him, he would greatly appreciate it.


Boudoir take 2 and 3!

Since this blog is accessible to curious little eyes, I'm going to keep it very modest and tasteful. My friends, Lorie and Shannon, were daring enough to take on my challenge of doing another boudoir session so I could practice using my softbox and speedlite. I had a killer migraine the entire time, but I pushed through (and paid for it dearly, oy vey!). They were very sweet and let me take little rest periods and didn't say a word when I took the same picture 15 times to get the exposure perfect.

All in all, it was a very fun night and I think I captured some great pictures of them.


Bedtime routine

When Colton was little, we had a bedtime routine which included a bubble bath, baby massage, book, bottle, prayers, and kisses. When the girls were born, that routine went out the window. I'd love to say I've spent just as much time at bedtime with the girls as I did with Colton, but that would be a complete lie. Once the girls started sleeping through the night, it was all about getting them in their pajamas, fed, and off to bed in the smallest amount of time possible. After all, we still had Colton to tend to. Occasionally, they will get the royal treatment. Don't get me wrong, I loved the bedtime routine and wish I could have followed through with it. Sleep deprived and completely exhausted mommies don't always get what they want, though. Maybe one day I will. Like when they're in college.


My mom

My sweetie pie hubby bought me a speedlite. He also built me a "staging area" which I like to call a platform because it sounds less "stripper-ish" so to speak. :) My mom was kind enough to allow me to practice on her.


My baby Gap model

This picture is a miracle and I am in complete shock. Not only did he put on the hat, he then walked across the room to where I was, put his hands in his pocket, looked at me, and POSED for 10-15 seconds so I could make sure I got the picture. I guess he knew he looked good. Hahahaa!


Blackmail photos

Some might find it disturbing that my 2 year old son can walk better in high heels that I ever have/can/will, but I find it hilariously adorable. For some reason, he's always had an obsession with shoes. So, when these babies came out, it was only natural that Colton put them on and walk around the house like a supermodel. And of course, Mommy had to pull out the camera. One day, he'll be sorry that he posed for this picture. Or, he'll have proof of being the youngest drag queen ever. LOL


Yep, I do

One of the forums I frequent had a poll about love. Are you still in love? What physicals signs of love do you still have after all these years? Do you still hold hands? Get butterflies? Etc., etc. It made me stop and think for a second. I guess because we're so busy, we don't pay much attention to those details. We make time for ourselves and make time for us, but day to day....those things just get lost in the mix.

However, sitting here alone and looking at this picture of Scott makes me realize just how much I love him and how lucky I am to have him in my life. An uncontrollable smile creeps on my face and memories flood my mind. I may no longer have the constant "my heart skips a beat" feelings, but I think what I do have is much better. After almost 17 years of marriage and lots of life changing events, I am in still love with this man and would marry him all over again.

That's probably enough mushy talk. I don't want to embarrass him with all this public display of affection. :) I love you, sweetie.


Uhhhh....no more pictures, please

I guess after all the shots I took yesterday, Colton was done with my camera in his face. Hehee.


A trip to the garden: Wegerzyn's

Today, we ventured to Wegerzyn's Garden with Lorie, Brandon, and Kaitlyn for a "play with your camera and hope to catch some great shots" day. My mom and dad went along which really helped us contain/entertain 5 kids. Granted, 3 of them were in a stroller....but the two mobile ones gave us a run for the money. Lorie learned very quickly why I'm so exhausted. Colton NEVER stopped the entire time we were there. I loved watching him enjoy himself. I wish we could do these things more often.

Here are some of the beautiful flowers at Wegerzyn's Garden. Even peppers!

We stripped down to the cloth diaper (originally, he was butt naked but we quickly remedied that!) and had a blast in the "river". The boy loves water but hates to swim. Go figure!

My favorite picture of the day. He was trying to hide from me because it was time to go. Needless to say, I found him and he was not happy. But I love how I captured his eye contact. Very rare from Colton.

The girls had a fun time, too. My dad took them under the waterfall and they wanted in the water! So cute. They love their Grandpa Shuster.


Breakfast at the Bingham's

My husband actually took this picture. The girls received this picnic table as a birthday gift from their mamaw and papaw. It has been the best thing since sliced bread in this household. They love sitting at it, they eat great, and Colton loves it, too. Although, he has been caught standing on the top of the table and jumping to the chair. Why are boys so crazy?


Did you get any in your mouth?

Makes you wonder, doesn't it? :)


Cookie? What is this thing you call a cookie?

Because I don't believe I know what that is and I surely don't know anyone who would eat them before breakfast. Do you?


Is it just me or have I been playing too much Mafia Wars?

I seem to always capture this face when I'm trying to get a picture of Carly. She kinda looks like a mob boss. I can almost hear that made man accent now. I just wonder if she takes it after Scott and his mass murderer face or if she's really got it out for me. Hehee.

Keira, on the other hand, is either smiling or looking absolutely pitiful. Yes, this is what happens when you buck naptime, sweetheart. You get utterly exhausted. Next time you'll just listen to mommy and go to bed, won't you? Phle......right!


Lightning McQueen helmet

My mom bought Colton a Lightning McQueen talking helmet. It's a one-of-a-kind! Once you strap it on and pull up the visor, it talks to you. We tried over and over to get Colton to put this thing on his head to no avail. Apparently, the boy has flashbacks from his medical helmet days. Poor guy! So it became a garage instead. LOL

Just for kicks, here's my mom trying it out!


New photo props

I have three new photo props: 2 pink chairs and a matching blue chair each with an attached umbrella. They were birthday presents. If memory serves me right (which is quite possibly wrong, I'm not as young and spry as I used to be), I believe these were from Grandma and Grandpa Pearson. Please correct me if I'm wrong. I hope to have more time to play with them. I'm thinking bikinis, beach ball, sand, sunglasses. We'll see if they all cooperate. It's kinda rough trying to entertain three little ones in the hot summer sun. I'll probably have to ask for Scott's help. He's always thrilled about that.


Playing outside

Whodathunk that a baby next to a fence could be so cute? :)


Sneak Peek of Mr. Andrew

Remember that gorgeous pregnant woman that I hated just a little? Well, here's her beautiful baby boy, Andrew. He was my longest newborn shoot by far, hungry little fella. Of course, it could have been the fact that it was noisy and I was attempting to wrap him in cheese cloth (a feat which was MUCH easier on a stuffed animal). LOL All in all, I think they turned out pretty good. I still have lots to edit but these are my favorites so far.


Who doesn't like sparklers?

Well, if you're 2 1/2 years old, you might be a little hesitant. :) Colton wasn't too sure about them. It's a good thing we only had 3 of 'em. I'm sure it didn't help that Scott and I were like "watch out, be careful, don't touch". He was probably thinking....."uhhh, what's the point?" LOL


It's my party

...and I'll cry if I want to. Oddly enough, this song was in my head when I woke up this morning. My friend, Lorie, mentioned the song as a title to today's blog entry as soon as Keira started crying. I found it fitting and decided to use it.

We had a big bash for the girls' first birthday party. Tons of friends and family. What a blast! I don't have any pictures of the girls by themselves in their birthday outfits (whodathunk I'd forget that?) But I do have one of them playing with cars and one of them begging for cheese.

I had their onesies custom made with the Eiffel Tower on them. Their names were on the back so people didn't have to ask who they were holding. Smart mommy, huh? :) I made their tutus to match and I also had ballerina shoes made, but they didn't stay on long. I shoulda thought that one through. I topped off the outfits with tiaras. Too stinkin' cute!

My friend, Holly, is also blessed with a July 11th birthday. What a great day to be born!! Here's a picture of all the July 11th princesses. Tiaras included. :)

Before the cake, ready to dig in.

The cake. The bakers messed up the cake. I even drew them a picture. I didn't throw a fit, I had too many other things going on. And yes, the bakery spelled Keira's name wrong. Dorks.

Mommy and her birthday girls!

They know how to eat cake!! This is Keira....quite content from cake overload.

And Carly. Grinning wide enough to show all her teeth!

We had a great day and I'd like to thank all of our friends and family that came to share in the celebration. Thanks for everything!!!