A trip to the garden: Wegerzyn's

Today, we ventured to Wegerzyn's Garden with Lorie, Brandon, and Kaitlyn for a "play with your camera and hope to catch some great shots" day. My mom and dad went along which really helped us contain/entertain 5 kids. Granted, 3 of them were in a stroller....but the two mobile ones gave us a run for the money. Lorie learned very quickly why I'm so exhausted. Colton NEVER stopped the entire time we were there. I loved watching him enjoy himself. I wish we could do these things more often.

Here are some of the beautiful flowers at Wegerzyn's Garden. Even peppers!

We stripped down to the cloth diaper (originally, he was butt naked but we quickly remedied that!) and had a blast in the "river". The boy loves water but hates to swim. Go figure!

My favorite picture of the day. He was trying to hide from me because it was time to go. Needless to say, I found him and he was not happy. But I love how I captured his eye contact. Very rare from Colton.

The girls had a fun time, too. My dad took them under the waterfall and they wanted in the water! So cute. They love their Grandpa Shuster.


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