This picture is quite a capture considering it was almost 10pm. There was almost no detectable daylight and I did not use a flash. My new camera rocks!!

Look at the pathetic little tears. All because he didn't want to go inside and go to bed. I mean, come on....what 2 year old isn't up and outside at 10pm?? Phew! He wears me out!


Mornings, bed head, and rituals

Now that both girls are standing, pulling themselves up, and trying to scoot along the furniture, it's a daily occurrence to find them standing up in the cribs yelling at us to wake up and come get them. Please note: Carly is not that much shorter than Keira. Her crib is down lower because she is quite the monkey.

Upon entering their room, we get the look of "huh? what? who's there?"
Then it's the "ooooh, it's just Mommy....hahahaa!"
Everyday we have to choose "who's first". It's a difficult task to remember who went first yesterday. Gotta keep it fair, you know. I'm pretty good most times, but sometimes you just pick whoever is the loudest.
I believe she's saying "Ahhhhhhh, help me....she's gettin' me!!!"


I wanna be like Mike

Or Mommy! LOL Not really sure why he likes to do this. The only time he sees me do this is on the weekends when I'm getting ready for work. But apparently, he's amused by it and is afraid he's in trouble. It's even funnier when he pretends to put on makeup. That's probably my fault because I'll bop his nose with my blush brush just to make him laugh. I'm sure Scott will be thrilled when he comes out of the bathroom one day with a face full of makeup. Hey, all the members of KISS wore makeup , right?!


We have green!

And pink and purple! But I'm most excited about the green. Scott took some vacation time last week. While we never did anything fun or exciting by my standards, Scott got alot accomplished by his standards. We went to Lowe's and promptly plopped down way too much money for soil, flowers, bulbs, etc. He needed a project, you know. He did the landscaping in the backyard, re-leveled the retaining wall in the front yard, cemented my clothesline, and tilled the back corner of our yard so that Colton and I could plant a garden.

We planted radishes, cucumbers, canteloupes, onions, and watermelons. Still need to get some tomatoes, but it's full. Probably go for the topsy-turvy kind. We kinda cheated because I bought the strips that have the seeds right in them. Like I have time to plant one by one. Phle! A friend of mine said his planters died because of the little frost we had not too long ago so I was kinda worried that I made Scott till up "his" yard for nothing.

I was pretty excited when Scott told me to take a peek this morning. Woohoo! We have green poppin' through!

I have to say that I'm not too pleased with the results of the flowers from Lowe's. A few days after putting them in the ground, most of them have wilted or died completely. What a waste of money, time, and effort.


My encounter with Miss Olivia

After a few unforeseen circumstances and cancellations that delayed our photo shoot, Olivia finally came to visit me today. I was very excited to try out my Canon 50D; however, she was not in the mood for me to take her picture. At all. I had so many ideas that just didn't pan out. She wasn't interested in either of the tutus, the legwarmers, or the hat. She didn't feel like posing for me. And she sure wasn't about to bribed with M&M's, money, or going to playland. No sir-ee, bob. Despite all that, I did manage to get a few good pictures of her. At least, I think they're good. :) Next time, Olivia....I'll get you to smile and have fun! You can bet on it. Hehee.

BTW, that top is the first picture is in fact the dress I made for the girls a few weeks ago. Good to know it fits a 4 year-old and not a 10 month-old. I really can't guess measurements at all. LOL


Patiently waiting

Can we go yet? I've been waiting so long, it's almost naptime!
BTW, did anyone notice my cute lil' pigtails?? :)


Do you think they'll change?

Their eye color. Do you think they're gonna stay this pretty grey-blue color or will they change to the green-brown-hazel color that Colton has inherited from Scott? I can't remember when his eyes completely changed, but I do recall that at one year old, they were definitely the color they are now.

Well, the girls are now almost 11 months old. Do you think their eyes are gonna change overnight? I kinda hope they keep my eyes.


Who doesn't have one of these?

The infamous picture of crying babies and great-grandparents? One day my kids will look back on this picture and say "who are those old people?" I know I've done that many times. Everyone has them and if it weren't for our parents or grandparents, we'd have no idea who the people holding us are. The good thing is Scott will have plenty of stories to tell them about his Mamaw and Papaw Bingham. They live in Kentucky so we don't see them very often, but I'm glad they both got to see our children. Even if they were crying. :)


Love will keep us together

This is how the girls were when I went in to get them up from their nap. They are in separate cribs that are lined up together against the wall. Legs through the slats and feet in both cribs, grabbing each other's bottles. Nothing keeps them apart.


Fun in the sun and water

It was beautiful out today and I decided to take the kids out in the backyard for a little pool time. Of course, Scott couldn't find the "big" pool so we had to settle for the baby pool. Coincidentally, the girls napped at different times so I was able to play with them one on one. That was important in such a small pool. Well, when Colton woke up from his nap, he decided he wanted to play in the baby pool as well. However, his definition of play is not the same as Carly's.

Here she is playing innocently in the water, minding her own business. She's very happy and content. But that won't last for long.
As you can see, Colton is gearing up for his version of "slip -n- slide". She has no idea what she's in for. Poor thing.
After a running start, look at the air he's got. It makes you wanna look away, doesn't it?
Oh, yeah. Big splash to an unsuspecting little girl. Can you say mean big brother?
He almost got my camera wet. I woulda been highly upset. Thankfully, I was using my 18-200mm and was a safe distance away.
He's quite proud of himself.
She was not amused. Look at the evil eye she's giving me!


Table food ready?

How do you know when your 10 month old is ready for table food? When you find her eating Colton's breakfast. More than half of it's gone and she obviously hasn't choked on it. Yep.....she's probably ready for more than just mush.


My little man

Colton and I were singing "Head, shoulders, knees, and toes" tonight. As I sang the words, he pointed to the body part. It was really cute. Afterwards, I said "Can Mommy take your picture?" I was surprised when he shook his head yes, but I leapt out of my seat and grabbed my camera before he could change his mind.


Sunset in Ohio

Not the most gorgeous sunset like the ones you see in Cancun or Hawaii, but it is the one I see from my backyard. Good enough for now.


4x4 wipeout

This is the recount of the 4x4 wipeout of Colton Bingham on May 18th, 2009. Shown here with both of his motorized vehicles just minutes before the incident. Notice the time he took to precisely line them up on the mulch *much like his cars on the coffee table*.

Choosing his arsenal. Today, he will be riding the purple and blue Lil' Quad with fire pinstripes.
And he's off, a slow but steady start.
Showing his 'fightin' face'. Colton is ready to ride!
Unfortunately, it wasn't 2 seconds later that the Lil' Quad showed him who was boss. The front wheels headed up to the sky and Colton's weight was just too much for him to stay in control. He slid back and fell off.
It's a crash and burn for Colton. Maybe next time, buddy.
For now, he decides to just play it safe and push it.


The new dress

Daddy came home with two pretty dresses that he bought the girls. They remind me of Cancun for some reason. I don't know if it's the style or the colors, but it was nice to have something remind me of our great vacation many, many moons ago. Carly wasn't feeling well so today's pictures are all Keira. She was all over the place. The dress did not hinder her in any way. Rolling over, army crawling, even playing with her toes.

I had to include this picture. I noticed she has started curling her tongue lately. I know that "trick" is genetic. She gets it from me because Scott can't curl his tongue. I think it's cute. :)


Not to quote Cars again and again but....

"Look at my husband, y'all!" Hahaa! I got my new lens today: Canon EF 18-200mm, the kit lens for my new Canon 50D. I had to try it out and since the kids were all sleeping when he got home, he was my lucky test subject. He's thrilled, as always. I took a few of him playing with Keira when she woke up, but unfortunately, Colton's computer chair left a big shadow over his face so none of them are any good. He's on vacation this week so I'm hoping to get out of the house and get some great shots of them with my new camera. Wish me luck!


How to christen a new mattress

Well, that depends on how old you are. :) If you're a 2 year old trying to transition into a big boy bed, you jump on it of course! He has a blast, giggles like a little girl and yells "Jump jump jump". It's quite funny. And he can get some air!

It's been a week now since we broke Colton's crib down and turned it into a full size bed. He's napping in it quite well, but night time is a different story. Scott's been sleeping with him at night. We hope by next week, he'll be sleeping alone. Not that I'm complaining loudly, I get the king size bed to myself. :)


Num yummy!

I'm not really sure why my girls have taken a liking to my white balance lens cap, but they have. I was trying to get a picture of Keira, but she wouldn't look at me for all the money in the world. And so it begins. Bribery. I had hoped it would be a bit longer before I had to bribe the girls, but now that they're mobile, they have better things to do than look at Mommy. And apparently, the lens cap is very yummy.