My encounter with Miss Olivia

After a few unforeseen circumstances and cancellations that delayed our photo shoot, Olivia finally came to visit me today. I was very excited to try out my Canon 50D; however, she was not in the mood for me to take her picture. At all. I had so many ideas that just didn't pan out. She wasn't interested in either of the tutus, the legwarmers, or the hat. She didn't feel like posing for me. And she sure wasn't about to bribed with M&M's, money, or going to playland. No sir-ee, bob. Despite all that, I did manage to get a few good pictures of her. At least, I think they're good. :) Next time, Olivia....I'll get you to smile and have fun! You can bet on it. Hehee.

BTW, that top is the first picture is in fact the dress I made for the girls a few weeks ago. Good to know it fits a 4 year-old and not a 10 month-old. I really can't guess measurements at all. LOL


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