Got my hair did

You might be wondering how does a mother of three little ones that are 2 years old and younger stay so stylish and fashionable? Yeah, you and me both. Something tells me that yoga pants, t-shirts, and ponytails do not equal diva. My hair had grown so much since the girls were born thanks to prenatal vitamins. I dyed it auburn during the winter and ugh! It showed all the gray hair I never knew I had! GASP!! I swear they weren't there last year. So, now that the warm weather is upon us, it was time for a change. One closer to my natural hair color. One that would be easy for me to keep up. One that would still make me look like the hot momma that I am (hahahaa). Go on and laugh, you know it's funny.

Here's before: Long, red, and sprinkled with gray.

Here's after: short, blonde hooker highlights, layered, and no gray to the naked eye


Christy said...

I love it, you look awesome. In the first picture of your new haircut, you look so much like Colton.

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