Sick babies

I thought maybe they were teething. They were fine when they went to bed but woke up 90 minutes later with a low grade fever and a runny nose. No biggie, I gave them some tylenol and some teething oil. Didn't help at all. Then the stuffy nose joined the runny nose and soon I had some fussy fussy fussy babies. Their cries were absolutely pitiful. I turned on the Vicks humidifier and held them on my shoulder to fall asleep. It was the only way they could breathe. I'd wait until they were into a deep sleep and then put them back to bed. As soon as I would get one down, the other would wake up. Over and over. This went on half the night, I finally got to bed at 5am. Add in a 2 year old with the same symptoms and you've got a recipe for a very fun night. It's awful when your babies are sick. Even worse when all three of them are sick.


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