Mornings, bed head, and rituals

Now that both girls are standing, pulling themselves up, and trying to scoot along the furniture, it's a daily occurrence to find them standing up in the cribs yelling at us to wake up and come get them. Please note: Carly is not that much shorter than Keira. Her crib is down lower because she is quite the monkey.

Upon entering their room, we get the look of "huh? what? who's there?"
Then it's the "ooooh, it's just Mommy....hahahaa!"
Everyday we have to choose "who's first". It's a difficult task to remember who went first yesterday. Gotta keep it fair, you know. I'm pretty good most times, but sometimes you just pick whoever is the loudest.
I believe she's saying "Ahhhhhhh, help me....she's gettin' me!!!"


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