4x4 wipeout

This is the recount of the 4x4 wipeout of Colton Bingham on May 18th, 2009. Shown here with both of his motorized vehicles just minutes before the incident. Notice the time he took to precisely line them up on the mulch *much like his cars on the coffee table*.

Choosing his arsenal. Today, he will be riding the purple and blue Lil' Quad with fire pinstripes.
And he's off, a slow but steady start.
Showing his 'fightin' face'. Colton is ready to ride!
Unfortunately, it wasn't 2 seconds later that the Lil' Quad showed him who was boss. The front wheels headed up to the sky and Colton's weight was just too much for him to stay in control. He slid back and fell off.
It's a crash and burn for Colton. Maybe next time, buddy.
For now, he decides to just play it safe and push it.


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lol, too cute!!

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