Colton in the snow

He is rotten, I tell ya! He's been dying to go out in the snow so I finally got up the courage to take him out in the freezing cold. Ok, ok, I'll admit it....I finally bought him a winter coat. There...ya happy? Since gloves and a hat are a Christmas present, I had to improvise with my gloves and a newborn hat. Pathetic, isn't it? LOL

Anyway, I thought I'd snag a few pictures and practice shooting in the snow. Of course, he wouldn't look at me. I don't know why I thought that would change since we were outside. So, I tossed a small snowball at him. The little booger turned around and hurled a big chunk of snow right at me and my camera. My eyes became the size of softballs. The camera is fine and I'm no worse for the wear. However, after that....there was nothing else he wanted to do. I got a shot of him looking at me and then I took my tail back inside. I sat at the sliding glass door watching him throw snowballs at me....antagonizing him with silly faces because that's what fun moms do. :) I was able to get this fun shot before he managed to destroy my camera.


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