Hangin' out at the pool

The weather here has been phenomenal and I took advantage of it today. Blew up the baby pool, tossed some cool water in it, wriggled on some bikinis, and plopped my baby girls in the pool. Splash!! It cooled us all down and I got some cute pictures of my little ladies having some fun in the sun.

And here's my favorite shot of the day. My baby Carly in all her glory. Beautiful rolls topped off with a wedgie.

Disclaimer: The Michelon Man look is only appealing on a baby. Yes, you can wear a bikini and go out in public. And yes, people will stare, but not for the reason you want them to. Once you're passed the stage of infancy or even toddler, don't try this at home.


kendel said...

LOL!!! cute, cute, cute!!

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