Teething hell

Ahh yes, Carly is teething once again. My normally happy-go-lucky baby is whiney and clingy. She also has a fever, runny nose, and diarrhea....but doctors will tell you that teething babies don't have those symptoms. To that I say, bull%*#@! She's been awake the last two nights and unable to get to sleep without me holding her for almost 2 hours. Exhausting for both of us. She has bumps on top and on either side of her bottom teeth. It will not surprise me if this little girl cuts 4 teeth this time. But another tall tale sign is the fact that she's sucking her lip in and biting on it.
Didn't I tell you before that Elvis lives through my daughters? Is this not the Elvis "snarl"?

And in case you missed the "I don't care that I have food all over my mouth and my hair has gone wild" look. Here's another shot. Poor baby girl. Teething sucks.


Beth said...

Love that last shot! Hehe! Poor baby-- hope those teeth pop through soon! Karas does the lip sucking/biting thing when she's teething too.

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