Oh, how I love newborns

The baby powder smell. The baby bird cry. The uncoordinated wriggle. The squishy butt. The wrinkled body with the pooched belly. The warmth against your body when you hold them. Ahh....babies make me feel all warm and fussy. And it's a shame for my husband because you know I'm gonna be buggin' him for another baby soon. LOL

Mr. C came to visit me and once he got naked, he was wide awake. And hungry. Even though he had just eaten, this little man was not in the mood to wait! You'd think mommy was starving him. Hehee. So, after two feeds, a warming pad, and some white noise.....Mr. C went off to la-la land. And I went to work. All was well until he peed on himself. And well, the rest is history. :)

I was able to capture some great shots of him during his nap. I hope his parents like them.


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