BIG pictures

I just love big pictures! I wanted to redecorate the walls in my living room and what better subjects than my little ones? I found some great frames and chose some of my favorite pictures and blew them up to 16x20's. I had them matted with 2mm styrene and WOW! They look fantastic! It's hard to see exactly what I'm talking about, but you get a glimpse of my couch underneathe the pictures. They are just stunning and I love them!

After we hung them, I asked Colton who was in the pictures. Here is our conversation (from left to right):

Me: "Who is that?"

Colton: "Carly"

Me: "Who is that?"

Colton: "You"

Me: "Who is that?"

Colton: "The other Carly"

Hahaa! I love the way he thinks. :)


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