Yes, baby girl, I'm talking to you! Keira has learned to climb. And she climbs on EVERYTHING! The most favorite thing being her picnic table.....during meals. At breakfast, you'll sit all the kids down with a plate of food and a sippy cup of milk. Turn your back and the next thing you know, Keira is on top of the table and eating off of everyone's plate. You'd think we're starving here.

In this set of pictures, I've just finished cleaning the breakfast food away. While I was in the kitchen, she climbed up with her handful of food and ate happily. She dances (ok, jiggles in place) and babbles. Having a good ol' time. It scares the bejeezes out of me. Her booty is big and it takes a lot of room to support her. She just doesn't know it. :)


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