I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream!

We drove through Dairy Queen today after dinner. Yummy! The girls have never had ice cream before and I thought it was time to introduce them to one of life's simple pleasures. We bought them baby cones and drove like maniacs trying to make it home before they melted. I had to keep licking them so they wouldn't drip on me. The poor girls could do nothing but sit there in their car seats and watch me eat their desserts. LOL

When we got home and stripped them naked, oh it was a sight to be seen. They knew exactly what to do with those cones. However, they were not prepared for it be cold. Hahaha. Both of them gave a bit of a shiver/sour face and then dug right back in.

Yeah, it was messy. But it was worth it. They thoroughly enjoyed their ice cream cones. :)

Here's Carly chowing down.

And Keira going to town.

Daddy didn't want to do it because of the mess it would make. Boo on him. I'm glad I won that fight. Yeah, mommy's fun. You remember that little girls.


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