Today was the Mills Family reunion. So I thought it fitting to put up some pictures of family. This is Scott's sister, Angie and her family.



Boy, this pose must run in the family. I've seen this shot way too many times from Colton. This is Aidan's version. :)

Mamaw Bingham and Carly.
Papaw Bingham

And this is my family. As you can see, I'm missing one rugrat. He is completely and utterly against having his picture taken for any reason. Hence, he is not in the picture.
Although, I snagged a few of them when he wasn't attention. He's not smiling and he's often being rotten, but they're still of him so I love them. Here he is chewing on his shirt. Don't ask me why he does that cuz I don't know. Teething?


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