Cuckoo for the Tutu

I have a photo shoot with the big sister of baby Claire next week. I wanted to make a tutu for her to wear. To make sure it would fit, I used Colton as a measuring tool. After it was finished, I put it back on him to make sure it would stay. Getting it back off was a challenge. My little man didn't want to give it up at all. He ran around the house with the tutu on for almost 2 hours. I laughed so hard. Everytime I tried to take it off he'd say "my tutu". Apparently, he thought it went well with his Spongebob attire. Of course, I had to take a picture of him in it.

Yes, I realize one day my son will hate me for this picture. He does look a little like he's saying "oh crap" in that last picture, doesn't he? LOL


Tracy said...

Hahahaha... Priceless!

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