It's tough being a 2 year old

Or maybe it's just tough being a 2 year old boy. My little man got beat up this weekend. LOL Colton spent time with his cousins (MaKayla, Kirsten, and Aidan) on Friday and Easter Sunday. On a day to day basis, he doesn't spend much time with other children, besides Keira and Carly, so he hasn't really figured out that "sharing" thing, yet. Every toy he picks up is MINE. Same with Aidan. On top of that, he tends to wrestle instead of playing nice. I blame Scott for that. Their floor time play consists mostly of wrestling, tossing up in the air, and tickling. Colton doesn't realize you have to be gentle....even with the girls. Anyway, rough-housing and the inability to share is just not a good recipe for two 2 year olds.

SOOOOOO, in a matter of minutes upon arriving at his cousins' house, Colton was sporting a nice gash on his chin and a scratch on his neck. Boys will be boys, I guess. On Monday, I came home to see another laceration on his forehead. No idea how that one came to be. And Scott tells me that Colton was following someone out the door and managed to get his pinky finger smashed in the screen door when it closed. Apparently, it was pretty bad. But he lived and it looks fine to me.

I'm sure it's not the last time he'll be scruffed up. Just wait 'til they get older. I'm pretty positive the rough-housing will get rougher and they'll be tons more boo-boos. I just hope they live through it.


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