Introducing Baby Claire

My first newborn shoot of someone I didn't know. Gasp! Ok, so I cheated. It's actually the niece of my friend, Mandi. :) But I didn't know Mom or Dad, so I think that should count. They were very sweet and I was thankful that they didn't mind that I was taking pictures in my pajamas. I do have to make a note that taking pictures of infants is really a cardio workout and I never signed up to exercise! Not that it would kill me, but still! I had the temperature up to 80 degrees F and I was sweating like a pig. They totally ignored it and made me feel very at ease. Not to mention, they brought along family to keep my little ones occupied. It was perfect!!

Miss Claire was such a cutie. She, however, did not make it easy for me. LOL She made me work for these pictures. I must say I'm very happy she did. I know now what to do and what not to do when I don't have optimal situations, lighting, etc. We got her to sleep right away, but it didn't last long. She was just curious to see what was going on. She liked to do the "popeye" look so I spent some time waiting to see if she was going to open or close her eyes. The only time she got fussy on us was when we tried to put her in Daddy's fire helmet. For some reason, babies just don't like helmets.....I'm 0 for 2 now. To let us know her disgust, she left a little something for Daddy in there. Hehee.

Anyway, here's a preview of Miss Claire (I love her name, btw....one of my favorites). I hope Mom and Dad like them.


Anonymous said...

I am Mandis cousin, I came to the Claire photoshoot. I LOVE the pictures, you did a wonderful job!! I am looking forward to having you photograph my granddaughter, when she is born. Very good job!!!

Beth said...

Lynne, those are stunning shots. Great job! I think Claire's parents will be thrilled with these photos!

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