Attention all tots....Come in all tots

Colton here. I took over Mommy's blog because I have something important to tell you. Did you know that adults of the world have been holding out on us 2 year olds? I'm pretty sure they don't want us to have any fun. I mean, they're always telling us no. What's that all about? Is that the only word you know? Well, once a year, we get to dye Easter eggs. Water, tablets that fizz and change colors, small cups, and eggs (or balls, as I call them) are all that you need for the best time ever. The coolest part? When you put your fingers in the cups of water, they turn colors and stay that way!! You do have to listen to Mommy saying "no, no, no....don't drop it" or "no, honey, be careful" and other blah blah blah.....but really, what's new? After the balls are colored, you get to put stickers and such on them. So totally awesome! Check me out....green was my favorite color!

Then after your bath in vinegar, dishwashing soap, baby oil, and baking soda and whatever other concoction your Mommy thinks will take away the green coloring under your fingernails, you get to grab a basket full of fake grass and hunt for the balls. Everyone kept talking about a golden egg. I had no idea what they were going on and on about but apparently, I found it. The Easter bunny musta had a double dump because my cousin Aidan found one, too. Funny thing is that golden egg had money in it. I think somebody would catch that bunny and keep it at home. They'd never have to work as long as that bunny kept pooping money.
My sissies also got a basket, but they didn't hunt any balls. They just tried to eat the plastic grass and everyone kept jumping up and taking it from them. How rude. Why give it to them if they're not allowed to have it? Adults are kinda dumb, if you ask me.

Lastly, here's a picture of me with my cousins....Makayla, Kirsten, and Aidan. This was right before the hunt. It musta been some sort of ritualistic thing because everyone was snapping pictures and yelling at us to come over here or go over there. Whatever....get out of my way and give me my balls. Now, it's over and we have to wait another year to dye the balls. We gotta come up with something else to do in the meantime. If you think of anything, let me know. But do it in code, I don't want my Mommy to know I was on here. I'm out.


Nikki said...

LOL!!!! I laughed so hard I cried!!! Too cute!!!

Beth said...

Oh my gosh, Lynne, that is hilarious! Great job!

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