Elvis lives

Yes, it's true. Elvis (and his twin) have been reincarnated as my daughters. Ok, ok, so it's Elvis on a really bad hair day. But, Elvis nonetheless. Carly's even practicing with her "microphone".


No, wait a minute. That's Rodney Carrington. Hahaa!

Anyway, I was putting a ponytail holder in Carly's hair when I realized they have HORRIBLE cradle cap. It's just on the top of the head, but still....Ewww! I just could not let that stay there. It's hard to see with all their hair, but now that I knew it was there.....ick, it had to go! Well, a bottle of baby oil and a fine tooth comb later.....ta da!! No more cradle cap and two crazy hairdos. Hey....Elvis rules!


Beth said...

Hah! Love it!

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