Potty Training

Apparently, we are potty training. I knew it was coming. Ever since I switched to cloth diapers, Colton hates it when he pees. He tries to take off his diaper because he doesn't like feeling wet. Colton woke up today, sat on the potty and peed. I was beyond shocked. He's asked to sit on the potty before but has never done anything. He peed 3 times while I clapped and hooray'ed. Afterwards, I sang a potty song I made up (in the tune of La Cucaracha). "When Colton potties on the toilet, he's a biggy biggy boy. When Colton potties on the toilet *clap, clap, clap, clap*, he's a biggy biggy boy." Now to you it may sound really stupid, but to Colton.....this song makes him "da man". The boy grins like a cheschire cat when I sing it. He was so proud of himself!

I asked Scott to put a diaper on him while I got the girls up. Of course, Scott was too busy so while I was getting the girls changed, he proceeded to pee 5 times on the floor. He came to me and showed me every spot. His little baby voice "right there and right there and there". Hahaaa. It's like he was marking his territory. LOL I cleaned up the pee spots and told him we don't pee on the floor....just on the potty. Since then, he's come to me 3 more times to tell me he has to potty and has peed on the toilet!! Woohoo!! WTG, my little man.


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