Happy Easter!

Well, it wasn't such a happy Easter at our house. The kids woke up and were immediately put in the bath tub. Quite a difference from our normal routine. They really didn't know what to think. After the bath, I dressed them in their Easter outfits....the girls anyway. Colton wanted to pick out his own clothes and, of course, nothing matched. A 2 year old's preference in clothing just isn't what Mommy would pick. Whatever. I was able to persuade him not to wear his Cars pajamas so I guess that was a win on my part. I wasn't able to go to our family get-together because I had to work. I wanted some pictures of them in their Easter outfits because they look so darn sweet. Phle. They were not in the mood. I got blank stares and some tears. Some of them even looked a bit like silent threats. As you can tell from all the pictures. Oh well, I tried.


Christy said...

They are so precious though. LOL the one of (is it Keira?) with the silent threat is HILARIOUS. Colton looks like a little man in his outfit. Sorry you didnt get to spend Easter with them.

bebedoc said...

Thanks, Christy. The silent threat baby is Carly. She's just not easily impressed. I get a lot of pictures of her with that look. LOL

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