Bathtime with Daddy

It's kinda funny to see how your significant other does things when you're not around. No matter how similar or different your parenting styles are, some things shock you. Some things make you laugh. Some things make you see your spouse from a new perspective. And of course, some things make you see your children in a completely new light. Being different is a good thing.

I was given the pleasure of witnessing my husband give the girls a bath. He and I are so different in our bathing styles. For example, I always do everything possible to make sure that water doesn't get in their eyes. I tilt their head back, keep a washcloth handy, and dribble water on their head to wash out the shampoo. My husband, I found, just dumps the whole bucket over their head. To my surprise, Keira makes the cutest face after getting a bucket of water dumped on her head. I loved that I was able to see this because if I had been the one that always did their baths, I would have missed out on it. What a shame that would have been.

And Carly apparently loves to suck bath water out of the washcloth. Who knew they were good for more than just washing baby butts? I mean, look how excited she is in this second picture. She's thrilled beyond belief, her tongue is waggin'!
As you can see, they made it out of the bath unscathed. Daddy did a pretty good job by himself and the girls enjoyed themselves. I don't think my way is better, just different. I think that's good for everyone.


kendel said...

Love that face on Keira! Bathtime is definitely different when daddy does it at our house, too! ;)

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