If this van's a-rockin'...

Oh yeah, right. We have twin infants and a toddler. The 2 year old sleeps with us. Mr. Man works days during the week and I work nights on the weekends. Our day begins at 7am (7:30am if we're lucky) and ends at 10:30pm (again, if we're lucky). We haven't had any alone time since the girls were about 6 months old. Maybe 7 months old. You really think this van's a-rockin'? Bwhahahahaa!

The only thing rockin' in this house is Carly. She was playing with Colton, looking outside at the nice warm weather and pleading with her eyes to go outside. Phew! Mommy hasn't changed out of her jammies in 3 days, there's no way we're going outside. Probably another reason this van's not a-rockin'. LOL My poor husband.

Anyway, here's Carly (and a great shot of her teeth! which you can't see because you don't have the full size picture) getting ready to rock -n- roll. Man, it's gotta be hard work to get all that chub up off the ground. You shoulda heard all the grunts and groans going on. Hahaa!

BTW, I'm just gonna roll over and play dead when they start crawling.


Beth said...

Oh goodness, she's so cute! And you're right, she does have a lot of chub to carry-- but it's just darling!

Tracy said...

Uh-oh, it looks like you're going to have to roll over and play dead pretty darn soon!

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