Just a-swingin'

Do you remember that old country song by John Anderson? "There's a little girl in our neighborhood, her name is Charlotte Johnson and she's really lookin' good".

Ahem, so I just showed my age, whatever. Well, my grandma loved that song and I remember her playing it on her record player. Oh, for the love of Pete, just how many times can I say I'm old in this post? LOL

Anyway, I grew to like the song and now everytime I sit on a swing, I hear that song in my head. So, of course, during our playtime at the park.....all I heard was "I can't believe I'm out on here on a front porch in a swing, just a-swingin'". *cue horns*

Come on, sing along. I know you know the words. Don't forget the twang.


kendel said...

I love that song...my dad used to insert my name when he sang it to me while we swung. Thanks for the memory Lynne! What adorable pics of the girls! Great idea!

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