Never wake a sleeping baby

Well, I never followed that rule. I did Babywise (a modified version) with all of my kids. They all took three great naps during the day and starting sleeping through the night (up to 12 hours) pretty early. I never had a problem, a big one, anyway. Until this past Christmas. I don't know what happened but Colton now refuses to nap at a scheduled time and refuses to go to bed at night alone. If we were able to get him asleep in his room, he always woke up screaming in the middle of the night. Nothing like a piercing scream to jolt you from a dead sleep. It makes for very long days and exhausting nights. So, needless to say, the new rule in my house is "Never wake a sleeping TODDLER". Just leave him wherever he drops.


Nikki said...

I hear ya sister!!! Travis falls asleep on the living room floor at least twice a week!!!!

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