Speaking of obsessions...

Keira is obsessed with the glow of this roley-poley toy and Carly, blue seal on her exersaucer. She watches the ball toy with such amazement, hits it a few times, and squeals. Carly challenges the seal every day. She gnaws on it for what seems like hours and leaves me a pool of drool. She usually wins, unless of course, she pulls on it too hard and then it whomps her when it flings back.

BTW, Am I the only one who can't see the actual floor of their living room? :)

Edited to add: My husband had to point out that I have mixed up the girls. I originally said it was Carly in the first picture. As you can read, it is Keira. It took me 8 months before I mixed them up, I say that's pretty darn good for identicals. Hehee.


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