The things I do to have memories of my son

I know it seems as though I don't have a son if you look at the pictures on this blog. It's not that I don't want pictures of him. He just won't cooperate with me. Lately, I have to sneak up on Colton in order to get a picture. Or make an obnoxious or loud noise to draw his attention. He's just so busy doing other things. Either that or he KNOWS I want a picture and he'll be damned if I'm gonna get it. So, here's Colton. I snuck up on him while he was watching Spongebob. All pictures taken after this one were half-side profiles or the back of his head. Sigh. Maybe one day he'll actively participate in my new obsession.


JennD said...

It will happen. Emma is 4 and all of a sudden, she loves posing for the camera. The camera comes out and she'll sit there for half an hour making faces for me and modeling. :)

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