Cars, cars, cars, cars

I told myself that if the day came during my 365 that my children did not cooperate then I would use their toys as subjects of my shots. Well, today was one of those days. My baby girls got their 6 month shots and were total grumpy-butts today. And Colton? Yeah, he won't look at me when I have the camera even if he is in a good mood. So, I resorted to his toys. His cars, that is. At this moment in time, he is completely obsessed with Cars the movie and his matchbox cars. They are strewn about the house...under the couch, beside the refridgerator, in his crib, on the coffee table, on the floor, etc. etc. Let me tell you, you will NOT say a kind word when you step on one of those babies in the middle of the night! Anyway, cars are everywhere. Everywhere except his toy box. I'm constantly saying "Pick up your cars, Colton." He will, but before we know it, they are back all over the house. This picture shows you a very small portion of his cars actually picked up. By the time I uploaded the picture, the cars were back out.


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