Cover me in love

I am very late posting today. I have a good reason, though. My sweet husband took me to several stores today looking for the perfect "fur" throws in black and in white. To my disappointment, I was unable to find a white "fur" throw and had to settle for a cream colored soft, fuzzy blanket. I'm actually very happy with it now that I have it.Here's Carly playing in my new basket with my new cream colored fuzzy blanket. I just wanna snuggle her when I look at this picture. She giggled up a storm. While that's fun for mommy, it's not wonderful for pictures. She squints and wrinkles up her nose when she's giggling and I miss out on those beautiful eyes.

Keira tried out the black fur throw. We played peek-a-boo and I was very silly, but was still unable to get her to smile. She musta been hungry because I couldn't get her to take her fingers out of her mouth either. Bad mommy.


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