Equality among siblings

is next to impossible. I know there will always be a reason for it: being older, more mature, having the ability, talent, or skill, money, time, patience, persistence, etc. Valid or not, it is a truth I have come to realize very quickly. For example, Colton is more demanding of my time and attention. Whereas Keira and Carly grow through their sleepers so fast, I feel like I do nothing but buy baby clothes. There are times that I have to let one cry while I tend to the other. I hate it and it makes me feel horrible inside. I am but one person and as much as I'd like to be supermom, I'm just not.

I think every parent goes through the attempt of creating equality among siblings. I know it's just not going to happen. But as a mom of twins, I worry about equality a lot. I want friends and family to pay as much attention to Colton as they do Keira and Carly. I make sure everyone holds one girl and then the other. I don't want anyone to have a favorite. I want them all to be separate identities and loved just as much as the other. Then I wonder "Am I always going to have to buy two of something in order for my little girls to know that they are just as important as their sister? Or will they be ok with two different toys because then they'll have more?"

My main concern of equality lies in Carly. She is so laid back and likes to watch while her sister is more outgoing and tends to be the center of attention. Will she be on the sideline while her sister is in the spotlight? Will the things we do affect this? Or is this just the way she is? Keira smiles a lot, Carly is just attentive and it's rare to catch that beautiful smile and dimple. For this reason, I spent some time taking pictures of Carly today since Keira was the main focus yesterday and Colton the day before. I hope they never feel that I gave more of anything to the other. I hope they all know that I truly do love them equally.


JennD said...

Does it make you feel any better if I tell you that I have to buy two of the same or almost similar things for the girls so they don't get upset with each other? They're two and a half years apart and don't like it when they have two different toys. LOL!

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