On the prowl...

According to my grandma, a woman is never too young or too old for animal print. It makes a woman feel vivacious, desirable, and wild. This is my daughter, Carly, decked out in her leopard print outfit complete with leopard print shoes. I asked her if she felt vivacious, desirable, and wild. I got a smile and a few coos and a lot of drool, but nothing confirming my grandma's opinion.
I personally beg to differ, but who am I? I don't own a single animal print outfit. Then again, I'm not vivacious, desirable, or wild. I'm just a very busy mom with a grandma who believes she's a young hottie and a couple of daughters who I pray never become young hotties. :)

Ok, so apparently it does make a girl feel a bit vivacious. Here is Carly doing her best Cher impersonation. Only leopard print can have that affect on little girls.


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