So here's my new chair

What are the odds I can get someone to sit in it? My husband suggested that I set up a studio so that all my stuff would be in one place. I think that was his way of saying "Get your crap outta here." :) My "studio" (and I use that term loosely) is in the basement, which means no natural light. I researched a bit on studio lighting and I decided on a softbox, AB400, and a reflector kit. I also bought some seamless paper to go along with my new setup. Don't you just love the crimson? Perfect for Valentine's Day, isn't it? Anyway, I have A LOT to learn on studio lighting. In fact, the more reading I do, the more I realize that I really shoulda sprung for a handheld meter as well. It will be my next purchase. However, I can't even practice until I get someone in that chair. Hmm....maybe I need a cat.


kristiehavyer said...

Love that Crimson with the white chair. It is awesome. You can always try it out yourself :)

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