It's in the eyes

I had started out making this blog about how my sweet Keira fell asleep in her jumperoo. A task both Keira and Carly have accomplished, but Colton never did. She was jumping around with her bottle and the next thing we knew, she was out. My sweet baby. Doesn't she look comfortable? :)

But as I got closer to her, I realized....man, this kid's got great eyelashes. I mean, look at those. They look like centipedes on her eyelids! Most women would kill for lashes like that.

I always knew that Colton had beautiful eyelashes, but isn't that how it goes, anyway? The guys always get the long lashes? I mean, he got them from his dad, after all....certainly not me.

But for some reason I assumed the girls wouldn't be blessed with such extensions. I was pretty shocked to see their fabulous lashes when they born. Now that they're 6 months old, they just keep getting longer and longer. They are so lucky. I envy them all.


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