Snow covered cherries...err, crabapples

We were blessed with a beautiful snowfall last night. The flakes were huge and slow, watching them fall was mesmerizing. It was the kind of dangerous snow that put you in a trance when you're driving. Luckily, I wasn't driving. But unfortunately, I was working so I was unable to get any shots of this gorgeous snow in action. My neighbor's tree is stunning with the bright red cherries (or whatever they really are) and snow covered branches. I just wish their neighbor's ugly green truck wasn't in the background. Phle!
Edited to add: My dear friend MaryAnn informed me that these little red dangly things are not cherries (as I suspected), but rather they are crabapples. Now the funny thing about that is I grew up with crabapple trees when I lived out in the country. And my crabapples NEVER looked like this. These are the sorriest little crabapples I've ever seen. LOL Thanks for letting me know, MaryAnn!! :)


JennD said...

Soooo pretty! Love this picture! Oh yeah, I like this blog better. I don't have to click on each day to see the pic, I can just scroll down. :) Just my little vote. LOL

bebedoc said...

Thanks Jenn. That's my thinking, too. I really like the newsfeed style and all the gadgets on the right hand side. I just wish the pictures were bigger.

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