The best toy ever

I learned with Colton that often times the best toy isn't a toy at all. When he was about 9 months old, we became his favorite toys. He played on us like we were a live jungle gym. Everyday Scott comes home from work, he and Colton wrestle on the floor for about 30 minutes. It's their male bonding time. He plays with me during the day, but it's not the same. Daddy is just 'da bomb when it comes to floor play. The girls aren't quite old enough for wrestling matches, but they do have tickle fests and they love it. Their giggling is just magical and you can't help but smile. Here's all three on them playing with Daddy. I can only imagine what it will be like next year when the girls can really tackle him. Oh, the squeals. And the bruises. I think Scott might need to invest in a protective cup. Hahaa! These pictures are not portraits in any way, but I couldn't help the Mommy goggles. There's something beautiful about a man with his children. And their drool. :)


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