Figaro figaro

My son has always loved bath time. He would play forever and actually cry when it was time to get out. It's a bedtime routine that I have enjoyed for over a year. Just recently, he has discovered that showers are quite fun as well. While he's catching water in his mouth, I love how this shot looks like he's singing in the shower. And quite dramatically. My future opera singer.

This time of year, poinsettas are the flower of choice. Because we were married in December, they were used as decoration in the church where we exchanged our vows. I noticed today that they are scattered throughout the units at the hospital. Some are quite pretty while others appear very neglected. During some down time, I took a moment to look a bit more closely at them.

My badge is the most important fashion accessory at work. I have to have it to get into the parking garage, the walkway, the stairwell, the elevator, the nursery, the medication room, even the linen closet. It tells the world that I belong here. I have the right to exist in this hospital. My last name is hidden to keep the crazies away. I keep a picture of my children on it so when anyone asks if I have children, I can whip out their pictures. It doesn't matter that the pictures are from when Colton turned 1 and when the girls were 7 weeks old. No one knows any better, except me. I really do need to update those pictures.


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