Activities with toddlers

There are many things that we as moms do to keep our toddlers occupied, learning, and most importantly, quiet. LOL A post on my Born in March board (hey Beth!) got me thinking of all the things I do with Colton during the day. Especially now since we can't go outside in below freezing weather. We're able to spend some quality one-on-one time while the girls are napping. It gives us a good 30 minutes twice a day. This morning, we played with his Diego mini Aqua Doodle. It has a black and white picture on it that becomes colored when you run the waterpen over it. It was a Christmas gift from his Mamaw and Papaw. It was our first time playing with it and he loved it! It looks like he's really concentrating, doesn't it? Hahaa! I might have to spring for a full-sized Aqua Doodle in the near future.


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